Programs & Services


Individual Coaching

Perhaps you've tried to improve your health by making changes to your habits or diet and found that it's not so easy. Or maybe all the conflicting information about the best way to eat has you confused. The truth is that no one diet works for everyone and diets that restrict lots of foods are hard to sustain. 

As a health and wellness coach, I offer the personalized support, information and accountability you need to reach your goals. You deserve to enjoy more energy, better digestion, reduced cravings, improved mood, an ideal weight, and overall better health.

I take an integrated approach and will focus on the root causes of your struggles, symptoms or barriers. I identify the biochemical factors and address them through nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. I can also support you in shifting emotional and behavioral patterns that aren't serving you, whether that is unhealthy food choices, stress, lack of life balance, limiting beliefs, or emotional blocks. 

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Emotional Freedom Techniques is a scientifically proven mind-body stress reduction modality that can transform your life. Tapping puts the power of healing in your own hands! By tapping with your fingers on certain acupressure points, it allows you to release the emotions, old patterns, and limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of achieving what you want. 

Tapping is effective because it reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, lessens the intensity of negative emotions, and helps rewire the brain. It works on many issues including phobias, pain, anxiety, trauma, and much more.

I can support you to release the limiting beliefs getting in your way and specialize in helping clients reduce cravings and emotional eating through Tapping. 

I offer both individual Tapping and group sessions. Feel free to schedule an individual session or check out my events calendar for the next Tap into Food Freedom group session.

10-Day Sugar Detox Program

Do you struggle with cravings for sweets or carbs? Is giving in to your sweet tooth starting to cause health issues like brain fog, fatigue, unstable blood sugar, hanger, gut issues, or other symptoms? 

Sugar is highly addictive so it takes more than willpower to break the habit. Sugar also triggers the pleasure center of the brain causing you to release "feel-good" hormones. That's why you crave your favorite sweets or comfort foods even more when you're stressed.

The 10-Day Sugar Detox program will help you break the sugar habit by resetting your taste buds and giving you a jump start to clean eating. It is now available as an online course and also includes daily support through a private Facebook group.

Workshops & Webinars

I offer a variety of workshops at yoga studios, work sites, community centers, and other locations that provide information, strategies, and tools for healthy eating, stress management, reducing exposure to toxins, self-care, EFT/Tapping, and other health topics. Some are also available as webinars.

Workplace Wellness

A healthy workforce is essential to productivity and can reduce costs associated with insurance and absenteeism. Integrating wellness into the workplace culture can result in healthier and happier employees. 

I work with corporations and nonprofit organizations to improve employee health. Services can range from a workplace health assessment and development of a wellness policy and implementation plan to a one-time wellness event or workshops, such as lunch 'n learns. 

Having worked in the nonprofit social services sector myself for many years, I know how stressful the work can be. Staff who are drawn to these careers are passionate about helping others, but they also need support in prioritizing their self-care in order to prevent burn-out and compassion fatigue. 

Contact me at 323.472.7927 or luz@saludyalegriawellness to learn how workplace wellness services can benefit your employees and organization.